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25% income is from the DfE grant distributed by ACE [Arts Council England]. 73.3% comes from parents and schools for services.  In figures, £675k DfE grant, £2.34m turnover.  It’s hard to find a precise figure but the overspend is between £0 and £80k.

Currently £77k of reserves will be used to prop up this year’s budget.  No reserves were needed last year.

In the past several grants were cut including the £150k funding from the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG).  A radical restructure has enabled the service to cope with these losses on the whole.

Background to the SESM campaign

Letter to parents from head of service

Supporting paper for the meeting on 30 April  Music Service Update PDF Download

If you wish to send a letter to councillor Bob Standley feel free to use the following template:

Dear Cllr Standley

On Wednesday 18 April, Stuart Gallimore, Director of Children’s Services announced that he will be proposing to close the music instrumental service by 2019. This will result in loss of valued music provision for thousands of children across the county and job losses for teachers and administrative staff.

Nick Gibb, Schools Minister recently recognised the impact of music education and has committed the government to spend £75 million p.a. till 2020. In the light of the above statement it seems perverse of East Sussex County Council to cut music as an opportunity for children and young people.

This action is cruelly making our children pay for the Council’s financial choices brought about by government demands for cuts to public services.

Currently around 7000 children receive instrumental tuition from East Sussex Music’s teachers. A high proportion of these children are from low-income families and are supported with subsidies of up to 85%. The service supports 92% of our schools. Private teachers will not be able to provide subsidies or wish to travel to the remotest parts of the county.

Don’t let the gap between private and state schools increase. Where private schools understand the value of music, ESCC is attempting to destroy it, creating a cultural desert in its wake instead of holding on to a democratised service able to reach all of our children.

Music education touches people, creates new, purposeful and fruitful opportunities and changes lives.


I strongly recommend that you should find alternative proposals or funding in consultation with the public.

Yours sincerely