1 July, 12 noon onwards.  Malling Rec, Lewes

Ouse Day.  The famous Lewes Raft Race

Gather on the banks of the river at malling rec to fanfare the raft racers on their way to Newhaven with more rousing choruses of Sussex by the Sea.  They’ll be setting off at high tide (around 2 or 3pm).

The organisers have kindly used our campaign as the front cover for the programme.  Sales of programmes will raise money for local charities including our own sister charity Martlets Music who fund bursaries for children from low income families, in isolation or playing a minority instrument.

Why not enter your own raft?  Details of how to enter are on their website or email

Ouse Day

7 May 11am.  Meet in Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne

May Day Parade

We lead the parade starting at Hyde Gardens, marching through the town and ending at the Wish Tower slopes for picnics and speeches.

Bring a lyre if you want to play your instrument and march.  Contact us if you need music stating which instrument you play and your standard of playing 

You can of course sing or just march along with us with placards and banners

Bring a picnic

Telly like us so may be there again

27 April, 4pm.  Meet at Eastbourne Bandstand

Trumpet the success of East Sussex Music with BBC Symphony Orchestra’s Principal Trumpet, Alan Thomas

Bring a stand or a lyre.  We might have enough music.

Print the words if you haven’t got an instrument         Sussex by the Sea

Telly will be there!

30 April, 09:30.  Meet outside County Hall Lewes

Lobby Councillor Stanley with our scratch samba band.

Bring a drum

Bring some positive messages to encourage ESCC to keep us alive

Attend the council meeting at 10:00